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Join us for our next women’s ride on Saturday 4th November*, 8.45am from Kringle in Bents Green.

*If the weather forecast is particularly bad we may postpone to Sunday 5th November – we’ll update this post on Thursday!

*Yep we’re sticking with Saturday – see you there! 😊

Summer might seem like a distant memory but the 7 Hills women’s ride shows no signs of easing up. Heather’s crafted an autumnal classic to club-favourite Hartington this week, via the charming little village of Middleton-by-Youlgreave. Those braving the cooler conditions will be rewarded with the warm amber glow of the Peak District’s leafiest lanes 🍂 It’s a slightly longer 90km route this week, but as usual there’s a shorter option on offer too – each with a café stop ☕

90km route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/44857628

55km route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/44857714

Answers to all your common questions below, but anything else do get in touch – Fiona, Heather, Hatty and Anna (x2) are all on hand and happy to help 🙂


What’s this all about?

  • Our women’s ride was set up to offer something slightly different for female cyclists around Sheffield.
  • Routes tend to include plenty of hills over a 80-90km (50 miles) loop of the Peak District, with a well-earned café stop en route.
  • The group will aim to stick together with exception to the odd ascent or faster section depending on the mood of the group riding.
  • A good level of fitness is generally expected but the pace will ultimately be decided by those who attend.

Why are you offering a separate women’s ride rather than mixed rides?

  • We have always offered mixed rides which cyclists of any gender can join, but we recognise that we need to do more to support more female riders.
  • We recognise that some women might prefer group rides which are specifically organised by, and for, a female audience.
  • By offering a separate women’s ride, we hope to support more women who might otherwise be put off.
  • As a club, we want to create an environment where women feel comfortable, safe, valued and involved.

Is this a lesser ride? Are you saying women can’t keep up with men?

  • The women’s ride is absolutely not a lesser ride.
  • We recognise we could do more to promote women’s cycling. We want to provide a female-friendly environment where women feel comfortable, safe, valued and involved.
  • Women continue to be welcomed onto all of our existing mixed rides, and we hope that this new women’s ride will encourage more women onto our other rides too.
  • The women’s rides are designed for women, by women.

How fast will the ride be?

  • A good level of fitness is generally expected but the pace will ultimately be decided by those who attend.
  • We anticipate that the pace will be around 19-23kph (12-14mph), though this will vary depending on attendance, terrain, weather etc.
  • We are seeking to offer longer rides at a moderate pace as there are few other female club rides of this type in Sheffield.

Will I get dropped?

  • The group will aim to stick together with exception to the odd ascent or faster section depending on the mood of the group riding.
  • If someone is struggling and doesn’t feel comfortable completing the full route, experienced riders will be on hand to ensure they get home safely.
  • If you’re unsure whether this is right for you please get in touch before joining a ride.

Why are you only offering a long ride at a moderate pace?

  • We want to offer something new to female cyclists in and around Sheffield.
  • There are already other female-friendly clubs in Sheffield offering shorter rides, but we’re providing something new for women wanting to cycle longer distances in the Peak District at a moderate pace.
  • Generally some riders will be doing shorter versions of the route which will be made known at the meeting point.
  • This is a new idea which will evolve over time according to those that turn up. We welcome feedback – get involved and let us know!

Do I have to do the full route?

  • No – riders can choose to do all or part of the route.
  • We always encourage our club members to offer shorter versions of the full route which others can then join.
  • We strongly encourage riders to come prepared with whichever route they choose to do.

How often will the rides be on?

  • We are hoping to run women’s rides fortnightly for the time being.
  • This will depend on interest and will ultimately be decided by those women that get involved.
  • 7 Hills CC currently runs mixed club rides three times a week.

Are men allowed on the women’s ride?

  • This is a women-only ride recognising the need to create an environment where women feel comfortable, safe, valued and involved.
  • We want to support women’s cycling by providing female-friendly rides which are organised by, and for, a female audience.

Sounds great – how can I get involved?

  • Come to our next ride!
  • We are looking for more amazing women to join our organising group. If you’re passionate about cycling and want to get involved, please get in touch!

What if I get a puncture or my bike breaks?

  • Riders will be on hand to help in case of a mechanical, but please make sure you bring enough kit to be self sufficient. We recommend a multitool, spare inner tube, tyre levers and a pump.

What about the weather?

  • We ride in (almost) all conditions!
  • If the forecast is particularly bad, we will send an update via our social media channels.
  • Otherwise, keep an eye on the forecast and bring a packable jacket (even in summer!)

I’ve never ridden in a group – what should I know?

  • Riding in a group is a great way to meet new people, find new routes and have fun cycling!
  • Communicate potential hazards (e.g. potholes, cars, pedestrians) using shouts (“car up!”) or hand signals.
  • Single out where appropriate to allow traffic to flow – e.g. on narrow roads. A “single out” shout can help too.
  • Maintain a consistent speed and avoid sudden braking unless in an emergency. Be aware that there might be other riders very close to you.
  • Communicate as you slow down or stop (e.g. shout “stopping” as you approach a red light) – this ensures everyone stops safely.
  • If you’re nervous about riding in a group let a more experienced rider know – they will be more than happy to help you settle in.
  • Shout if there’s a split in the group or one person is off the back. This will ensure those at the front know to ease off and let the group reform.
  • Look after one another – if someone is struggling consider dropping back to give some support. A little camaraderie goes a long way.
  • More tips here: https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/knowledge/skills/get-started/article/izn20180503-Riding-in-a-group—Top-10-tips-0

Is the club insured?

  • Yes, as a British Cycling affiliated club all our club rides are covered by public liability insurance.

What do I need to bring?

  • A fully functioning road bike.
  • Multitool, spare inner tube, tyre levers and a pump.
  • Enough food and water (but there will be a café stop).
  • Money/card for the café stop.
  • A mobile phone.
  • The route (not essential, but strongly recommended).
  • Good vibes!
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