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Magnificent 7 Ride 2019

This year a group of budding 7 Hills CC Champs have entered the Mag 7 ride after strong performances in 2017 & 2018.

The Magnificent Seven is a unique cycling event in Sheffield. Not for the fainthearted, the race is a cross between a sportive and a hill climb that invites participants to face seven of the city’s toughest hills.

Taking place on Sunday 24th March, the 2019 event will feature five new climbs. The full route is just over 23 miles long, presenting each rider with over 4,200ft of climbing, with inclines ranging from 9 to 23 per cent.

So how does it work? Cyclists ride with motorbike escorts and lead cars between each of the seven hills, where the riders then gather at the bottom of each climb before racing for points to the summit. This year, all riders will receive points depending on their finishing position on the climb which counts towards the grand prize of being crowned King or Queen of the Mountains, for which the winners receive a trophy.

Each of the seven climbs will be subject to a full road closure managed by Sheffield City Council, giving the competitors the unique chance to race up traffic-free closed roads, something only professional riders normally have the opportunity to do.

New for 2018 is a bonus climb, climb 8 will be run off on a handicapped basis with a separate prize list and positions won’t count towards the riders totals.

The ride is aimed at local amateur club riders and all entrants will receive refreshments before and after the ride, culminating with a prize-giving presentation at the end of the event. Each rider will also receive a free cycling buff for their efforts.

The event will once again start and finish in Bradfield – a picturesque Peak District village which sits within the Sheffield boundary just seven miles outside of the city centre.

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