Who we are…


The club was formed in 2015 after a smaller group of riders felt the need to setup something slightly different from a standard club ride. Some of the club members enter races and the consensus was that club rides would appeal more to this kind of rider. Despite this a large proportion of members don’t race but still occasionally enjoy pushing themselves. Members ride throughout the year in all weathers and maintain a reasonable level of fitness. It’s expected that you can maintain your own bike but help will be on hand should you need it.

As a British Cycling affiliated club we adhere to preset club terms which can be found here.

As a members only club we prefer prospective members to make contact before joining us.


8:00am mixed ride…

Kringle, Bents Green 8:00AM SUMMER / 9:00AM WINTER

Saturday café rides tend to be our most popular rides and welcome both men and women. The group will aim to always stick together with exception to the odd ascent or faster section depending on the mood of the group riding. Routes will generally be planned a few days prior and shared on the club WhatsApp group. They usually include plenty of hills over an 80 to 120km loop through the Peak District. A café stop will be scheduled at one of our regulars before heading back into Sheffield. Average speed 25-26kph.

8:45am women’s rides…

Kringle, Bents Green 8:45am

Our women’s ride was formed in 2023 to offer something specifically for female cyclists. Routes tend to include plenty of hills over an 80-100km loop of the Peak District, with a café stop en route. Usually there will be a shorter option available. The group will aim to stick together with exception to the odd ascent or faster section depending on the mood of the group riding. A good level of fitness is generally expected. Women’s rides tend to be organised fortnightly so please get in touch before joining. Average speed 20-23kph.


6:30pm evening ride…

Typically due to the shorter length of a Tuesday evening ride they tend to be slightly quicker (avg. 27-30kph) but as standard the group will regather at the top of any ascent or at the end of any particularly quick section. Lights are required through the winter or if you’re staying for a post ride pint.

Please arrive in good time to leave promptly at 6:30pm.


6:30pm chaingang ride…


The Thursday chaingang is a quick (avg. 32-38kph) rolling loop through the Hope Valley. The through and off turns allow you to push yourself while being able to recover in the group when necessary. Due to the nature of this type of ride, group riding experience is needed. If a rider is dropped from the group it’s presumed they’ll make their own way back.

Please arrive in good time to leave promptly at 6:30pm.


Events off the bike…

First Wednesday of every month

Our regular venue is The Lescar, Sharrow Vale, but occasionally plan go out together for a curry or pool. Typically a suggestion is made on the club Whatsapp group beforehand. Occasionally during some of the Grand Tours we’ll meet up to watch a stage or two.

For more specific details on where each group meets please ideally get in contact before joining a ride. Times and routes can vary depending on what’s been discussed on the club Whatsapp group.

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